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Shaniqua Rogers 

Good Afternoon All,
My name is Shaniqua Rogers and I am trying to locate some information on my grandfather Charles Colston Sr.(Alabama). I Know that he served with this division from 1960-1962. I am attempting to put together a shadow box in commemoration of his service and 76th birthday. I am currently deployed and have already requested that a flag be flown in his honor. Was just hoping you all had some information about his service. Thanks in advance for your time and have a great day!

Shaniqua Rogers

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Kristi Mason Email

199th 3rd Battalion 7th Infantry Bravo Company Vietnam April-Nov 1970

SSG Mason is my father i am trying to locate others that were in his unit. He is trying to remember a guy from his unit. He was KIA, in the same incident an LT has in man hood shot off ( Per my dad ) but lived. I guess my dad caused a big ruckus because the LT being hurt was a bugger deal that his friend being killed and my dad came unglued and got loud. So if any of that sounds familiar please let me know.

David Eldridge Email

Looking for anyone that served in 2nd Platoon D co. 2/7 infantry during desert shield/storm.

Oscar G Diaz Email

Would love to communicate with anyone who served with A Comp. 1Bat. 7th Inf. during 1970-1971.

Rob Skinner Email

Aschaffenburg, Germany C company 1/7 Inf '90-'922 Desert Shield/Storm veteran.

Cottonbailers by God!
Damn Fine Soldiers!

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David Clarke Email

Aburg - Co. B, 1st and 7th 1969-1970. Was company supply clerk known as "Clarke"

Wes Montgomery Email

PFC Ralph Yoshizuka passed away on June 25, 2017 in Sacramento, California. He was 79. Ralph was a member of the Communications Platoon of the 7th Infantry Regiment and served in Korea. If anyone is interested in attending his memorial service please reach out and I will do my best to relay the details.

Bob Miesionczek 

My mother's cousin, Edward S. Horyt was KIA on August 17, 1944 and was awarded a posthumous DSC. He was a member of Company E, 7th Infantry Regiment.
I am writing on the chance that someone may know of the circumstances of his actions that led to award of his DSC. Thank you for any information.
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