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Andrew Boothe Email

I was in Bco 1/7 inf 1988-1990

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Oscar G. Diaz Email

Looking to track down Sergeant William Reed, Privates Pfeiffer and Sullivan who served with A company in A-Burg during 1970/1971.

Jesse Bartley Email

looking for anyone who served with my great uncle Ward G Sneed Company C 3rd Battalion 7th inf 1968 - 1969 Thanks

David Groves Email

Jaeger Kassern Fall, 1967 - May 1967 I remember well that I shouted "F T A" as I left on my way back to the land of the round doorknobs - America! While I was in the army, I didn't think much about it, but when I got back home and in later years thinking of all that I had seen and done - I would not trade those years for anything! Often I've thought of some of the guys that I knew back then and wonder what ever happened to them... If by chance anyone from HHQ 1stBN 7thInf remembers me, let me know - I was in ground surveillance unit at first, then was company clerk for quite a while. The first Sgt was Luceo Ramirez - never forget him! Capt Anderson was the CO Best wishes to anyone that may still remember.

Tamara Maddux Email

I am searching for members of B Co, 3/7 Inf based at Fort Stewart, GA when Desert Shield/Desert Storm began. If you know any of these members, please pass my e-mail address on to them and ask them to contact me.

Thank you,

Tammy Maddux
Just an Army wife

Sp5 Michael Sturma Email

Hello, I was in Aburg Germany June69 - Dec71. I was in HHC 1/7. I was a medic. It would be awesome if anybody remembers me to contact me. I do still talk to a couple ofguys that were stationed there also. 618 719 6333

Ron Bailey Email

My father Otto Clyde Bailey served in the 7th Infantry During the Korean War. Would any of his fellow Cottonbalers have any photographs of him. He served in K Company and was from Maine.

Tom Forehand, Jr. Email

My father served with the 7th during the Korean War. He was captured in April 1951 and died in captivity. I have a book about him and his experiences online. It is free to read.

Please post this link to the book for those who are interested in a real piece of history concerning the 7th and its brave men.

Tom Forehand, Jr. (The free link is below)

Michael Sonntag Email


I read that the 7th Infantry Regiment Association was started in Fort Worth, Texas in 1988. I live near Fort Worth and was wondering whether the 7th is involved in any military reenanctments (such as War of 1812) nearby.
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