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Robert Burns Email

Looking forward to the reunion Savannah

Howard Email

WWII PVT David A Merrow KIA October 6, 1944 near Vagney, France and buried in US Cemetery at Epinal, France. Does anybody out there have any information on him?

Rick Blackburn Email

I was stationed with the 1st and the 7th infantry in Aschaffenburg West Germany in 1986 to 1988 at Headquarters battalion as a 31V, I worked with Lt Col Beer and Lt. Col Casey from the commo platoon.

Henry Emineth 

Served in Korea 1951-52 with F company. Seeking Sgt Bob Valenzuela Squad leader !951

Thomas A. Forehand, Jr. Email

Thanks to all you who served our nation.  I am Tom Forehand, Jr. a former associate member.  It was a joy to meet and contact many of you in the late 1990's.  The unpublished manuscript about my father, who was shot and captured on Hill 412 during the Korean War, is now online and free to read. After some investigation and interviews with some of the Cottonbalers on Hll 412, I have probably written the only narrative ever about this event; and I think it will be of great importance to those who are interested in the history of the Cottonbalers.  
  Following, is the Facebook introduction I gave to this manuscript when I posted on FB.  I hope it will bring honor and pride to the 7th. (My father came from Headquarters, Headerquarters Co., 3rd Inf. Div) to the 7th because he knew one of your Col. in command at that time.  Any questions, feel free to contact me at FB or at my e-mail

"My manuscript is available online for you to read freely. (Details below.)  

"Ever get a letter four decades after it was written?  I did.  It was written to me, a seven-year-old, but I did not read it until I was almost fifty. 

"That family letter held a 'treasure trove' of details concerning what had happened to my father who was “M-I-A” in Korea.  As a boy growing up in Burns (Tennessee), I hardly knew anything that was in this letter.  

"That 'late-arriving' letter drove me research about my father and about what had happened to him.  As a result, I wrote this fully-documented manuscript for my children so that they could know about their soldier grandfather, one from the “greatest generation.” 

"This story is not only about my father, it’s also about a family searching for answers when a loved one just “disappears” during combat.  Of the 30 or so US soldiers in his headquarters unit, my 35-year-old father was the only one not to escape when hordes of Chinese overran his location [on Hill 412].  

"Did he live or die?  Two-and-half years trudged by before an answer to that question surfaced.  Even then, many unanswered questions remained as some do now.

"My oldest daughter has posted online the latest draft of this manuscript.  If you would like to read it, “message” me and I’ll be glad to send you a free link to it.

"It’s a long and detailed account about our family and its search.  The story is also punctuated by many of my father’s first-hand observations about the Korean War. (He wrote about 150 letters to his family before he disappeared.)


Tom Forehand, Jr. 

jesse campos Email

I am informing the association the passing of Csm Curly Faulk
the Association Csm. He passed Friday the 2nd of December.
Johnson funeral home of Lake Charles,La. is provider the funeral

Austin GIlbert Email

I am trying to find information on a cousin who died during WW11.
He was Pvt James J. Gilbert ID 32997892 7th Infantry Regiment, entered service in New York and died Sept 22 1944. He is buried in Epinal American Cemetary. He was 18 years old and awarded purple heart.

Any Information or direction to where I can get information greatly appreciated.

Austin Gilbert

CSM (Retired) Harold Lewis Email

My step son was a member of 1/7 during Desert Shield/Storm. Does anyone know or have knowledge of an announcement of CIB awards to include all 11 series soldiers?

Or, better yet a copy of orders, blanket awards name the unit, and include all members, it that is what took place.

Sorry, I was field artillery, Vietnam, 101st Airborne....Respectfully H. Lewis

Anthony Griffith Email

I was in B co 2-7 1st plt dec 2002-April 2006, miss everyone I served with.

Ron Bailey Email

My father Otto Clyde Bailey served in K Company 21st Infantry Regiment in Korea in 1950-1951. Does anyone have any pictures of my dad in Korea? He passed away in 2009 and an earlier house fire destroyed the pictures my dad had of his time in Korea. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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