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CSM (Retired) Harold Lewis Email

My step son was a member of 1/7 during Desert Shield/Storm. Does anyone know or have knowledge of an announcement of CIB awards to include all 11 series soldiers?

Or, better yet a copy of orders, blanket awards name the unit, and include all members, it that is what took place.

Sorry, I was field artillery, Vietnam, 101st Airborne....Respectfully H. Lewis

Anthony Griffith Email

I was in B co 2-7 1st plt dec 2002-April 2006, miss everyone I served with.

Ron Bailey Email

My father Otto Clyde Bailey served in K Company 21st Infantry Regiment in Korea in 1950-1951. Does anyone have any pictures of my dad in Korea? He passed away in 2009 and an earlier house fire destroyed the pictures my dad had of his time in Korea. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Lynn duffey Esler tucker Email

Looking for any information about Thomas A.Duffey MIA Dec.31950.He was 7th Inf.Reg,3rd Div.2nd Battalion,Co F

Bill Rainey Email

My grandfather was technical seargent Marion F Hornor.  He was with L co. 3/7 from Anzio to Germany.  He died in a plane crash coming home from the war.  If anyone has any information or knows of anyone from his unit, I would be extremely grateful for anything.

Tim Robertson Email

My uncles were in the 2/7 (E Company, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad) from Jan45 through the end of the war. My surviving uncle has some great stories to share...

Roland Howells Email

David M. Towe, I was also in CSC 1/7 Inf. from 1978-1980. I was in the AT Anti-Tank Platoon.

David M. Towe Email

Served in CSC 1st Bn 7th Inf 1977-1981. 4.2 in Mortar Platoon

Niki Swearingin Email

 My Grandfather is SSG James (RED DOG, TEX, REBEL) DeBoer. He  proudly served his country durring the Korean War with the 3rd  Battalion 7th Infantry Regiment 3rd Infantry Division Company Fox out  of Fort Hood Texas under the command of Cpt.Miller and Lt. Cardona.  While at Fort Hood he was a member of the 1st Armored Engenieers. 
He was drafted into the Army in 1950 and served faithfully until  discharged in March of 1952. He was in Korea from 1951 - 1952 he was stationed at OP King then at OP Queen. He was at OP Queen while 
OP King was under heavy attack. 
I would like to get in touch with/learn about what happened to any of his old Army buddies to fulfill a promise. 

Cpt.Miller,Lt. Cardona, OP King, OP queen, Fort Hood TX, Johnny  Catchridge, Bob Kathman, RED DOG, TEX, REBEL, 1st Armored  Engineers, 3rd Battalion 7th Infantry Regiment 3rd Infantry Division 
Company Fox, Cotton Balers, Korean War

Quinn George Babin Email

My great great uncle on my mother's side was a private colonel in the 7th infantry regiment during world war 1. I have been trying to get info on how he died. He died in the Meuse-Argonne offensive in 1918, and how he died is still unknown to us. If you have any records from that battle in particular, could you please let me know. His name is Leon J. Geautreau. Thank you.
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